Destination Review – Treze Tilias Brazil

When you think about Brazil what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the beaches, the Amazon Rainforest, or perhaps the sultry sound of the Samba?  Well, the good news is, you will find all of this waiting for you in beautiful Brazil, but there is also a lot more to uncover, and those looking for a true ‘Alpine’ experience, should head on down to Treze Tilias!

Founded by Austrian immigrants in the early 1930s, Treze Tilias went on to become an official municipality of the Santa Catarina state in 1933. A small town with the characteristics one would expect to find in the Austrian region of Tirol, there are many houses and hotels built in the traditional alpine style, and most of the residents speak both Austrian German dialect and Portuguese.

Treze Tilias sits around 470km from Florianopolis, the capital of Santa Catarina, in what one can only describe as a lush green expanse of land.  Agriculture, woodworking and tourism support the town’s economy, and on entering one of the many beautifully decorated hotels and restaurants, you can expect to be greeted with true Austrian / Brazilian hospitality by Dirndl wearing staff.

A place to go and relax, unwind, and walk in the green rolling hills, Treze Tilias appeals to all age groups, and it is a wonderful holiday destination for those looking for something that little bit different.

Like most regions of Southern Germany and Austria, Santa Catarina bursts into life in October each year when food and wine festivals are held on just about every corner.  During this time a mix of Austrian, German, Brazilian, Portuguese and Italian people come together to celebrate each other’s cultures and traditions, and drink an average of 400,000 litres of draft beer !

So if you cannot decide on Austria or Brazil for your holiday this year, head on down to Treze Tilias and experience the best of both worlds!


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