If You Are Not Sure Where to go on Holiday This Year – Check Out the Happy Planet Index!

Did you know that there are certain countries on our planet that deliver longer, happier and more sustainable lives for the people who live there, than others?

No? Well neither did we, but according to The Happy Planet Index (HPI) some countries have happier and healthier residents than others, and they measure this by calculating our life expectancy, our experienced well-being and our ecological footprint.

One hundred and fifty-one countries made it onto the Happy Planet Index in 2012, and so if you are looking for a happy holiday destination, here are the top five HPI countries, and five reasons to visit them:

1. Costa Rica

Could Costa Rica be the happiest country on the planet?  Well, according to the Happy Planet Index, it is, and if you are looking for a stress free holiday destination, this Latin American paradise should be number one of your holiday list. Beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and friendly locals come as standard.

2. Vietnam

Surprisingly, perhaps, Vietnam made the number 2 spot on the Happy Planet Index.  A modern destination for world travellers, it manages to retain the charm of South East Asia, while offering all the luxuries one expects on holiday.

3. Colombia

Colombia might not be your typical holiday destination, but it has so much to offer the traveller that we are not surprised this beautiful country picked up the number three spot.  Stunning cities, beautiful beaches and fine cuisine – Colombia has it all.

4. Belize

Beautiful Belize – a charming Caribbean getaway with unspoilt beaches, mystical Mayan Temples, lush rainforests, and their very own barrier reef, it is no surprise that those who live there are a happy bunch!

5. El Salvador

It may have a turbulent history, but that doesn’t stop El Salvador from being the fifth happiest country on the planet! A surfer’s paradise, El Salvador offers an amazing coastline, pristine forests, sparkling lakes, and throws in the odd active volcano for effect.

So if you are feeling tired or down, book that summer holiday, and head off in search of happiness!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Stop it! You’re live devils with your enticements 😀

    1. hahaha! Sounds like somebody needs a holiday!! 😉

  2. Elle Hubbard says:

    I am not entirely sure it would be possible to find more evocative photos! And here am I, looking at ominous grey clouds 😦

    1. Sorry to hear that Elle! Perhaps it is time to book that dream holiday! 😉

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