Keep ‘Cool’ and Avoid the Top 10 Reasons Couples Argue on Holiday

Our holidays are supposed to be a time of rest, relaxation, indulgence, and if we are lucky, a little romance, yet recent surveys carried out by tour operators and travel companies show that more than three-quarters of couples have at least two arguments during their annual break!

Many arguments start at the holiday booking stage, with up to 37 per cent of couples unable to agree on a destination.  If you do manage to find a holiday that suits both your needs, you should make the most of the peace, as if the survey results are anything to go by, you could be having your first row by the end of day three!

Exhaustion, stress, and the flared tempers that ignite when we spend two weeks together in a cramped hotel room are to blame for our ‘trouble in paradise’, so if you really want to avoid arguing with your loved one, you might want to think about upgrading to a suite!

The Top 10 Reasons couples argue on holiday are listed as:

  1. Checking out other men/women on the beach or by the pool
  2. One partner drinking too much
  3. Disagreements about what to do (apparently women prefer to sunbathe, while men prefer to be more active)
  4. Packing – taking too much, not enough, or packing the wrong things for your partner
  5. Driving and map reading (this is not just on holiday I am sure!)
  6. Disagreeing on what and where to eat in the evening
  7. Currency Conversion
  8. Spending too much money
  9. Taking too long to get ready for dinner
  10. Agreeing on a time to get to the airport for the return flight home

However, before you get disheartened, the surveys go on to show that 56 per cent of couples agreed that their relationship was stronger after a holiday, and 74 per cent said their beach holiday was every bit as romantic as the imagined it would be.


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  1. Map reading is certainly high on the agenda!

  2. Elle Hubbard says:

    If you managed to get to the place in your first photo I can’t believe anyone would have a crossword to say !

  3. Jane Sadek says:

    We rarely argue about anything you listed, but we do find that holiday puts stresses on the relationship. We are the perfect example of “opposites attract” and in our 18 years together we’ve worked out a rhythm that works at home, but have difficulty translating that to our vacation time. I think he’d just stay home given the option, but I love travel almost as much as i love him and he’s not about to let me roam the world w/o supervision. He doesn’t think the world could take it.

    1. Have you tried cruising Jane? It might be the perfect solution… you are together on-board, but can take part in the activities you each enjoy most, and meet up throughout the day! 🙂

      1. Jane Sadek says:

        Yes, we like cruising, but many of the places I like to visit are not accessible by cruise boat. We recently got back from a 12-day ramble in Oregon – one of my favorite vacations (if I overlook the conflicts), but the next trip will certainly be a cruise somewhere.

      2. We have only been to Oregon once (Astoria), and would definitely like to return one day. Hope you next trip is an enjoyable one! 😉

      3. Jane Sadek says:

        I hate to say it, but if all you’ve seen is Astoria, then you haven’t been to Oregon. Astoria was our last stop, after viewing the Columbia Gorge, Mount Hood, Crater Lake, the Rogue River and the entire coast of Oregon. Get back there when you can. Three days in Portland were great, too.

      4. We will…It’s on the bucket list!

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