Destination Review: Las Vegas

Where does one start when it comes to reviewing Las Vegas?   The entertainment capital of the world, Sin City, and The City of “I do” are all names it lives up to very well, and you only have to Google the words ‘Prince Harry’ today, to see that it is not just us mere mortals that enjoy the fun and frivolity of this crazy town!

A chaotic mishmash of ultra luxury five-star hotels, designer shopping malls, ‘tacky’ souvenir shops and drive-thru wedding chapels line the ever-expanding Las Vegas Strip, and if you enjoy eating, you may just think you have arrived in food heaven!  From all-you-can-eat buffets to Michelin stared restaurants, Vegas has it all, and best of all is that you never have to walk far to get it.

Slowly but surely, the themed hotels of New York, New York, The Luxor, and Circus Circus, are being swamped by gold and glass mega structures such as The Aria, The Trump, and Encore, but the classic favourites, Bellagio and Venetian, remain two of the most popular resorts in town, and one only has to walk through their casinos and shopping areas to see why.

Time doesn’t apply in Vegas so we highly recommend taking off your watch and going with the flow!  The 24-hour Casinos, shopping outlets, dining venues and bars allow you to do what you want, when you want, so unless you are catching one of the many amazing shows, there is really no need for a schedule.

While the casinos of Las Vegas are great fun to be in, one doesn’t have to gamble a penny to enjoy the electric atmosphere of light and sound, and if you think you have to gamble to get the most out of your trip – you are in for a pleasant surprise.

A shopper’s paradise, one can purchase anything from an “I Love Vegas” t-shirt to a designer Gucci Bag within the same shopping mall, and if you are travelling from Europe, you will have the opportunity to shop for designer goodies at almost half the price.

Then there is the whole ‘wedding thing’.  As someone who got married in Las Vegas, I can certainly recommend it, and whether you are looking for a cheap and cheerful ceremony at the Chapel of Love, or a million dollar event at the Wynn – you will find exactly what you want right here.

Las Vegas is quite simply a fun holiday destination, and I for one cannot wait to return!


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  1. Very adventurous wedding then?!

    1. Actually it was the easy way out Annie! Mu hubby’s from Austria, I’m from England – we didn’t know how to please both sets of parents so decided to run off to Vegas! 😉

      1. Hahahahah! Ammeeennn!

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