Could Your ‘Staycation’ be costing you more than a Trip Abroad?

In an attempt to support the country’s struggling economy, the queens diamond jubilee, and the London Olympics, the UK government urged Britons to take a ‘Staycation’ in 2012, but a recent survey by  found that many of these ‘holidays at home’ turned out to be more expensive than a trip abroad.

The changeable British weather, petrol prices, and expensive hotels are all to blame for our costly breaks on the Costa del Blackpool, and almost half of the 1,100 people surveyed found that a 10-day Staycation cost approximately £30 more than a holiday somewhere warm and exotic.

Millions of families have decided to holiday at home over the course of the recession, believing it to be cheaper than a trip overseas, but the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has suggested that the popularity of the ‘Staycation’ is starting to wane, with comparative costs being the likely reason.

When the weather is good, Great Britain is a wonderful place to enjoy you annual holiday, but with more rainy days than most, the cost of entertaining yourself indoors can push your holiday spending budget to the limit.

But the good news is… the news is not all bad.  The British pound is stronger than it has been in years, and if the Euro continues to lose value, there will be plenty of bargain European breaks available in the coming months for those who prefer to holiday in winter.

Have you taken a Staycation this year?  If so, did you spend more than you hoped?  Drop us a line and let us know!


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