Disappearing Islands – Will you have time to visit before they are gone for Good?

With the hectic lifestyles we lead today it can be easy to put things off and promise ourselves that we will visit the holiday destinations on our bucket list “soon”, but with global warming affecting the climate and sea levels, many of the picture-perfect paradise islands we dream about could soon be gone – and for good!

Coastal erosion, salt water, and turbulent weather patterns have been taking their toll on secluded islands for centuries, but now that global warming has arrived, many islands in the sun are struggling to cope with the ever-changing weather conditions and rising sea levels.

While the islands will not disappear overnight, the clock is most definitely ticking, and if you want to swim along the shores of the following destinations, it’s time to get packing!

Solomon Islands

Sitting east of Papua New Guinea, the majestic Solomon Islands are surrounded with coral reefs, underwater volcanoes, and turquoise lagoons that attract divers from across the world. Threatened by cyclones and disastrous floods, these stunning islands are already showing warning signs and suffered a 5.2 magnitude earthquake just two-days ago.

Kiribati Islands, Pacific Ocean

If you close your eyes and think of a true island paradise, the image in your mind will look just like the Kiribati Islands! Swaying Palm trees, coconuts, and tropical vegetation come as standard, and those who manage to reach their remote destination rarely want to leave.  Sadly, rising sea levels have already claimed many of the tiny islands, and some scientists estimate that the rest could sink within the next 100 years.

Sylt Island, Germany

If you think global warming only affects countries far, far away, you may be surprised to learn that Sylt Island, Germany’s playground for the rich and famous, is also at risk of disappearing into the North Sea.  Drastic actions have been taken to prevent the devastating erosion, and the beaches are now lined with huge concrete “tetra pods” to stop further deterioration, but only time will tell if it will last.

They say, “Nothing lasts forever”, and if you want to visit any of the above, sooner is most definitely better than later!


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  1. Wow… To think that these beautiful islands are actually disappearing… Guess sooner should be replaced with the word “now”… Loved the photos…

    1. Thanks for visiting Sumithra! Yes you are right, “now” is probably a better choice of words 😉

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