Are you Search Engine Optimised, Pinteresting and a little bit Delicious? If not, you may not be Stumbledupon!

One thing we have figured out over the years, is that if you want your website to rank anywhere on Google or any other search engines (without spending a fortune on advertising), you have to work hard at adding interesting content, consumer friendly web-pages, and of course, a blog.

The possibilities within Cyber Space are immense, but if you are new to the World Wide Web, the terms ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, Twitter, Pingler and Digg can seem like a whole new language, so where does one start?

Well, if the new report released by Pew Internet & American Life Project is anything to go by, it seems the Pinterest photo-sharing site is the perfect place to start.  The report claims that one-fifth of all women in the U.S. who go online use Pinterest to post and find photos on everything from wedding ideas, recipes and travel destinations, and so if we want to gain their clicks, our sites need to be very ‘Pinteresting’ indeed!

Then there is Delicious, a great bookmarking site where one can collect, share and showcase your blogs, videos, photos and tweets with other readers, and do it all for free! Quick, easy to use, and full of information from across the globe, Delicious has already earned the self-named title of the “world’s leading bookmarking service.”

Finally, if you want internet users to stumble upon your blog or website, you might want to start using the social sharing site Stumbleupon. A great place to network with other bloggers interested in the same topics, you can find all sorts of weird and wonderful information from websites you may never have found.

We would love to hear your tips on SEO and social bookmarking/networking, so drop us a line and let us know if you prefer to Ping or DIGG!


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  1. You overwhelm us, Ambassadors!

  2. Jane Sadek says:

    Good info! I added Pinterest to my social networking in the last month or so and it seems to be bringing some interest to the blog, but whether it’s Twitter or Stumbleupon you’ve got to do more than browse around. You’ve got to create community and that’s a sticky wicket!

    1. Very true Jane… It’s not as easy as it looks!

  3. Possibilities are really immense… If only we had more time to do all the social networking, blogging, linking, pinteresting, googling etc…. But most important is to do our best 🙂

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