Top 5 Beach Destinations for Winter 2012/2013

Those of us living in the northern hemisphere will officially step into autumn this Saturday, 22nd September, and while I will be sad to say farewell to summer for another year, it does start me thinking about those gorgeous beach destinations around the world that are just starting to come to life!

Friends in the Western Cape of South Africa are already enjoying temperatures above 30° degrees Celsius, and as we are lucky enjoy to be heading down to Tanzania next week, we too are looking forward to hot sunshine, the warm Indian Ocean, and ice-cold cocktails found on the tropical paradise of Zanzibar (but just remember, we have to climb Kilimanjaro first!).

If you are thinking about a winter 2012/2013 beach holiday, you will find guaranteed sunshine below the equator, and here are our Top 5 Winter Beach destinations to tickle your taste buds:

1.            Zanzibar

As we are heading there ourselves, it makes sense that Zanzibar features on our list.  With temperatures rarely dropping below 25° degrees Celsius, great diving/snorkelling opportunities, and pure white sandy beaches, this Tanzanian gem is the perfect spot for a winter break.

2.            Playa Del Carmen

It might not be below the equator, but Mexico’s Riviera Maya enjoys great weather during our winter months, and offers some excellent stretches of coastline where one can relax and unwind, before taking a dip in the warm and inviting Caribbean Sea.

3.            Rio de Janeiro

The world-famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro remain popular throughout the year, but during our winter months, they really start to come to life with the sounds of the Samba, and a vibrant collection of colourful people from across the globe.

4.            Fiji Islands

Every bit as exotic as they sound, the magnificent Fiji Islands are well worth the 24-hour flight!  You can expect to see some “heavy but brief” showers during the winter months, but the temperatures remain tantalising warm all year round.

5.            Mauritius

Bathing in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius remains one of the world’s most popular Honeymoon destinations thanks to its collection of elegant hotels, pristine beaches, and year-round good weather.  The prime location makes it a popular choice for those visiting neighbouring South Africa, and if you fancy both a Safari and beach holiday this winter, combining these two destinations is easy.

We hope the sun continues to shine for you, wherever you are, and would love to hear where you are going for a spot of winter sun!


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  1. NB don’t forget Kwazulu-Natal coast in South Africa in winter summer anytime

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