Namibia – A Country Created from a Thousand Colours

The ancient San people say that Namibia is “the land God made in anger”, but when you look at the amazing scenery and ever-changing landscapes made from a kaleidoscope of colours, I think it is more likely that he saved all the best bits to create one breathtakingly beautiful country.

Pictures and photos hardly seem to do this great country justice, and if you thought half the images were photo-shopped I don’t think anyone would blame you, but in truth, the skies of Namibia really are that blue, the sands of the Kalahari desert really are a russet shade of red, and while the sunsets are difficult to put in to words, they are every bit as yellow, orange, red, violet, lavender and blue as they look on Namibia postcards!

Namibia used to be a popular stopover for travellers heading to Botswana or South Africa on safari, but it is a fantastic destination in its own right, and if you like the idea of renting a 4×4 and heading off into the untouched wilderness of West Africa, Namibia could well be your perfect holiday destination for 2013.

Compared to its neighbouring countries, Namibia has a very low crime rate, and so it is considered safe for tourists to explore the country on a self-drive adventure. In fact, if you check the FCO website, the only advice they give is “avoid driving outside towns at night as wildlife and stray livestock pose a serious hazard.” So the only ‘criminal’ you are likely to encounter is a hungry elephant or a herd of deer.



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  1. I must add this to my bucket list. Stunning landscape.

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