Guess the Beach and Get a Whole Lot Closer to One!

Today I made the huge mistake of looking for a specific photograph on our backup box.  Three hours and around 10,000 photos later, I have just realised that I haven’t done any work this afternoon, and have instead, been around the world at least five times reminiscing about all those wonderful places we have been!

My afternoon may have been ‘wasted’, but it was so wonderful to look through those photos we have taken over the years (the aging part is not so wonderful!), and it gave me an idea for today’s blog…!

If you love to be by the sea, then you probably love beaches as much as I do.  Yes, the sand can get in awkward places, and yes, the sea salt does all kinds of nasty things to your hair, but sitting on a warm sandy beach with a cool beer in hand is my kind of paradise!

We are lucky enough to have sat on many beaches over the years, and so I thought I would pick out 10 of my favourite pictures, and ask you all to see if you can guess where these beaches are. Of course, such a task is timely and not terribly easy, so whoever guesses all ten correctly will receive a £100 travel voucher from us that is redeemable against any of our tours or tailor-made packages…!

Best Beaches in the world - But where are they? CIMG0073 CIMG0091 CIMG0536 CIMG6473 Cruise 2008 185 Golf, Party, Birthday 013 IMG_0195 IMG_0459 Marigot  - Anguilla 008

Answers tomorrow – good luck! 🙂


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  1. johanesjonaz says:

    i know phi phi only 🙂

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