Sir David Attenborough – Bringing the Beauty of Africa to Blighty

If you watch the BBC and are interested in travel/wildlife documentaries, you have probably been glued to the TV every Wednesday night for the past 6 weeks, watching Sir David Attenborough’s latest documentary ‘Africa’.

A magnificent insight into the African continent, its people, and the wildlife that lives there, ‘Africa’ has highlighted the effects of climate change, the plight of endangered species and the importance of conservation efforts across the country, and David Attenborough brought it all together beautifully into a 6-part documentary.

At 86-years old, Attenborough is a veteran natural history presenter that most of us have grown-up with since childhood, and anyone who witnessed the final episode of him kneeling down on his hands and knees ‘chatting’ to a blind baby rhino that is waiting for a cataract operation, will be in no doubt that this gentleman really does love ‘all creatures great and small’.

In addition to raising awareness and promoting conservation, the Africa documentary has shown the British public just how beautiful the African continent really is, and as such, some British travel agents have seen holiday searches to Africa increase by over 300%, and actually bookings to Cape Town, West Africa, Kenya and safari holidays up by 37%.

The BBC ‘Africa’ documentary may have taken 4-years to make, but the result was truly fantastic, and while it may be the last “big project” we will get to see from David Attenborough, anyone who watched the programme will remember it forever.



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  1. Lizzy says:

    I only saw the very end of the series but am tempted to download the entire thing! Looked absolutely fantastic!

    1. Hey Lizzy, thanks for stopping by! It was an amazing documentary – well worth the download when you have time 😉

  2. Sara P.G. says:

    Africa is really beautiful indeed. As an Ethiopian I am very proud and thanks for sharing

    1. You are most welcome Sara! The parts of Africa we have seen are quite simply breathtaking – can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  3. PotSoup says:

    The bird is spectacular! What is it?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I believe it is called a Shoebill… The scene in the documentary didn’t portray them in a very nice light… but nature is nature I suppose! 🙂

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