Holiday Destinations That Won’t Break Your Budget

A recent survey by Sainsbury’s Bank Travel Insurance reveals that almost 30 million Britton’s intend to take a holiday in 2013, and while the average spending is up 8% on last year, most of those who took part in the survey confirmed that they would be looking for the “best value break possible”.

With constant reminders that we are heading into a recession (or is that out of one?), it is easy to understand why people are wary about spending their hard-earned cash on a luxury trip abroad, but with some careful planning, a clear budget and good advice from your travel agent, you can still holiday somewhere warm and exotic, and do so without breaking your travel budget.

The British Pound may have taken a battering over the past few days, but it remains one of the world’s strongest currencies, and you can still get a great exchange rate against the Euro, the US Dollar, the South African Rand and South East Asian currencies.

Using credit/debit cards while on holiday will ensure you always get the best exchange rate, and as credit lenders are eager to keep you onboard, it’s always worth having a chat with them before you leave home about reduced foreign transaction fees.

When it comes to budget holiday destinations, countries such as Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and, surprisingly perhaps, the Fiji Islands, are still relatively cheap to visit, and while you will inevitably pay more for a long-haul flight, the costs when you arrive can be significantly less than in Europe or the United States.

That said, the US is a wonderful holiday destination for Europeans, and when you consider that you can get a five-star hotel in Vegas or Orlando, for example, for less than £100 per night (that’s not gonna happen in Europe!), it is easy to understand why millions of Brits head over the pond each year to indulge in some retail therapy and supersized meals!

Africa and Asia remain great budget holiday destinations, and while the prices have increased over the past 10 years, it is still possible to find lodgings for under $20 USD per night and a great meal for around $5 USD.

The South American countries of Argentina and Brazil are certainly more expensive than they were 10 years ago, but when you compare the overall costs to those in Europe, a holiday in either of these destinations may still work out cheaper than 2-weeks on the Costa del Sol.


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