Are you a ‘Smoaster’ – Do you brag about your Holidays and Travels on Facebook?

Smoasting: Trend of Social Media Boasting

When recent guests asked me to list all destinations they would visit during their trip (including transit airports) for “bragging rights”, well, I nearly choked on my cornflakes, but it seems the more we are travelling, the more we are bragging, and the latest trend is to do so on Facebook and Twitter!

Wish You Were Here..?
Wish You Were Here..?

There is nothing more exciting than going on holiday, and sharing that excitement with friends and family is all part of the trip, but do you think people take it too far when they update their Facebook status every five minutes with “at the departure lounge” and “just checked in”?

According to a recent study by T-Mobile, 51% of holidaymakers said they post photos of themselves at famous foreign landmarks to show off to friends, but 45% confirmed they would only tag themselves in a location if it was ‘glamorous’.

Three in ten said they would deliberately boast to make people at home envious, four in ten said they do it just to wind other people up, and six in ten insisted that if they are happy they have a right to shout about it online!

Well, as someone who works in travel, I absolutely love to read other people’s holiday updates on Facebook, especially when I know how hard they have worked and saved for their trip – so go on my fellow travellers – SMOAST AWAY!





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  1. pankchophoto says:

    And don’t forget Instagram…

    1. Equatours says:

      Thanks Pankcho! We must not forget Instagram…! 🙂

  2. beachbarbums says:

    I’ll have to admit I love to “smoast” but it’s mostly in jest. Well, some of it is in jest but mostly I just like reminding all of my friends and family back home that it’s 90 degrees and sunny where I am on holiday while it’s freezing and snowing back home. 🙂 As far as the departure lounge and check-in statuses go, I don’t think I’d go that far. But you’re right, people have most likely worked hard and made sacrifices to go on their vacation/holiday so they have earned the right to “smoast away!” Cheers!

    1. Equatours says:

      Cheers Beach Bar Bums! Looks Like we are on the same page on this!! 😉

  3. Megan says:

    I love people’s holiday updates! I travel a lot so I try not to post too much on fb, because it makes me feel guilty :/

    1. Equatours says:

      Me too Megan! Like you, we travel a lot so try not to “Smoast” too much, but some things just need sharing…! 😉 Love your blog! Wendy

  4. Nicola Kirk says:

    I love it when my friends send updates – as many as they like – I feel happy that they’re happy and it’s nice to know where they are in the world. I like to think that my Facebook friends who haven’t put me on an acquaintance list, or limited profile might also be interested to know how I’m doing. If they don’t, they’re not really my friend.

    Sure, if all your friends and family all live nearby and you see each other all the time, then maybe you need a holiday from them and don’t really care what they’re up to when they’re out of sight. Not everyone has this luxury, some of us have family a very long way away that can’t be there for important events like childbirth, holidays, birthday parties and celebrations and social media is the greatest way to share these moments.

    1. Equatours says:

      Thanks for a great comment Nicola! You are absolutely right, if people don’t like what you put on FB – are they really a ‘friend’? I have lived away from my family for over 20 years, so I LOVE daily updates via social media – and it sure beats writing letters! 🙂

  5. Miss Y says:

    Gosh, have a few of these ppl on my Facebook and it makes me green with envy 🙂

    1. Equatours says:

      Me too Miss Y – but I love it! 😉

  6. KG says:

    I heard the term ‘Check In’ in Facebook when my friend did that in our recent trip. He was so excited that he was the first person to ‘Check In’ in that place. I prefer to write my experiences down after the trip.

    1. Equatours says:

      Thanks for stopping by KG! I love the excitement travel brings…! 🙂

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