What is Your Holiday Personality?

Do you experience ‘personality changes’ when on holiday? If so, you will be pleased to know you are not alone! 

The TravelSupermarket’s ‘Holiday Argument Predictor’ has revealed that more than half of British Travellers admit that they (or their partners) experience personality changes while away, which is perhaps why some people tend to argue more during their annual break.

What is Your Holiday Personality?

Psychologists have taken it one-step further by identifying four typical ‘holiday personality types’ – the Performer, the Idealist, the Inspirer and the Commander… Which one are you?

The Performer

The life and soul of the holiday resort, the ‘Performer’ likes to make every situation enjoyable and other travellers are naturally drawn to their warm and down-to-earth character.  Dedicated to making the most of every minute of their holiday, the Performer is great fun to be around, although they can be a little frivolous with money and splash a little more cash than budgeted!

The Commander

The ‘Commander’ likes to be in charge of the holiday and ensures that every activity, restaurant reservation and excursion is organised with military precision.  Good with money, the Commander knows how to make the most of the holiday budget – but they can be a little impatient and ‘bossy’ when dealing with others.

The Inspirer

Warm, sociable and highly motivated, the ‘Inspirer’ is a real ‘people-person’ with a great sense of humour and a bubbly personality. Always on the lookout for the next adventure, the Inspirer is full of energy – but they can feel threatened by other travellers with strong opinions.

The Idealist

Laid back and relaxed, the ‘Idealist’ is a caring and sensitive individual who always makes new friends on holiday thanks to their innate ability to communicate with people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.  Easy going and encouraging, the Idealist is a fun travel partner, although they are sometimes nervous about voicing their own opinions.

If you are not sure which personality you are – take the Holiday Argument Predictor Test on the Travelsupermarket.com website!





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