Travelling Solo – Top Tips to ensure you never get Lonely!

If you like the idea of travelling the world, but don’t like the idea of doing it on your own, you will be pleased to know there are loads of different holiday options for independent travellers, where you will never be lonely or short of conversation!

Holidays for Singles

Small group escorted tours, adventure tours and sporting holidays all cater for the individual and as you can usually opt in or out of the activities and excursions included in daily schedule, you can tailor-make your holiday to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Sporting and adventure holidays such as climbing mount Kilimanjaro or trekking to the Base Camp of Everest are very popular with solo travellers, and as you are pretty much guaranteed to meet like-minded singles, couples and small groups along the way, it is easy to make new friends as you share this once in a lifetime adventure.

The same can be said for wildlife adventures, such as gorilla tracking in Rwanda and safari holidays in Botswana.  In most cases, you will share your safari vehicle with others, or trek with other guests who have a gorilla permit for the same day as you, so the opportunities to meet new people in a relaxed environment are endless.

You only have to go for a coffee in cities such as Cape Town in South Africa, Buenos Aires in Argentina or Queenstown in New Zealand, to meet both locals and travellers from across the globe, and as most travellers love sharing their top tips and travel experiences, a city is always a good place to start your world tour.

Tropical beaches provide an informal meeting point for travellers from across the world, and while you may enjoy the peace and tranquillity of sitting under a palm tree reading a book, it’s nice to know that friendly conversation is never more than a stroll away at the local beach bar!

Travelling solo is a great way to meet new people, and as the only person you have to please is yourself, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Tailor-Made Holidays”!






3 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    I certainly agree, my last solo trip I made several friends and learned more about the locals and culture there. It certainly would have been a different experience had I traveled with friends.

  2. Evie Grabowiecki says:

    Travelling alone was the best thing I ever did! I met heaps of new friends every day at hostels.

    1. Equatours says:

      Thanks Evie, that’s great to hear! 🙂

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