Are These the Best Travel Jobs in the World?

If you would like to turn your passion for travel into a full-time job, you will be pleased to know there are some amazing opportunities available for social media-savvy travellers!

From babysitting islands in the Great Barrier Reef to testing water-slides in Europe’s top beach resorts, the possibilities are endless when it comes to dream travel jobs, and if you fancy the idea of travelling the world and being paid for the privilege, you might want to have a peek at the latest offering from…

Travel the world

Titled “Spontaneity Champion”, this dream ‘job’ comes with £50,000 worth of travel and experiences, and all you have to do is jet around the world and “inspire the nation to live more spontaneously, by sharing your adventures through social media”!

During your 12-month placement, you will be required to travel to both long and short-haul destinations, sample the best hotels, Spa treatments, restaurants and activities, visit unforgettable countries, and check out the best cities in the world – sounds tough huh…

Becoming the “Online Face” of the brand, you will share your experiences through various social media outlets, in the hope that you will inspire other travellers to be just as spontaneous and (presumably!) to book their next trip with the company.

This reminds me of the “best travel job in the world” awarded to Ben Southall in 2009, who was made ‘caretaker’ of a tropical island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and paid $150,000 Australian Dollars for a six month stint swimming, exploring and writing blogs!

It might sound like a lot of money for doing, well, very little, but when you consider that the ‘job’ generated over $100m Australian Dollars in publicity, it seems Queensland’s Tourism Board knew exactly what they were doing!

Applications are no longer being accepted for Jauntaroos ‘Best job in the World’, but you might want to keep your eyes on it, as it hasn’t been awarded yet.  Titled “Chief World Explorer”, this job involves taking a nap or massage on the beach, travel to exotic destinations, experiencing new foods, cultures and activities, and Tweeting, Posting and Pining all about it. The salary for this particular job is a mere $100,000…







8 Comments Add yours

  1. Good to know my friend!

  2. raastha says:

    I cant really believe….how i wish I can apply for this job. Being a commerce graduate……it was too late for me to realize that travel is the only thing i wanted to do. Unfortunately, being from India and not a rich family has many restrictions for travel. I am still dreaming of a travel job…..and here in India unless I have experience its not mine……..Please advise…….

    1. Equatours says:

      Hey Vannie, many of these jobs do not require “previous experience”, you just need to be ambitious, spontaneous and available to travel! I hope you find your dream job soon :O)

      1. raastha says:

        I am sorry but can you help me …how I could start……..any website or any email id.

      2. raastha says:

        thanks I got Last minute .com….

  3. willc88 says:

    whoever wins this is one lucky mofo. I think the Australia one still goes on every year… Now that’s one I’d properly love!

    1. Equatours says:

      Apply… We’ll come visit you! 🙂

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