Friday’s Photo Session – A Taste of Malaysia

A country rich in beautiful landscapes, impressive structures, delicious dining options and, quite possibly, the friendliest people on earth, Malaysia is a fantastic holiday destination for those who are looking for something that little bit different.

Perfectly positioned between Thailand and Singapore in the South China Sea, Malaysia enjoys a good year-round climate, and providing you do not arrive on the island of Langkawi during the monsoon season, you should have great weather during your stay!

We spent a good four weeks travelling throughout Malaysia on our trip around the world, but it wasn’t nearly enough! This country is packed with ‘places to go’ and ‘things to see’, just take a look…

cimg6733 cimg6650 cimg6748 cimg6588 cimg6671 cimg6705 cimg6602 cimg6760 cimg6774 cimg6778 cimg6790 cimg6796 cimg6837 Holidays to Malaysia cimg6854 cimg6826 cimg6808


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