Tanzania – A Tantalizing Holiday Hot Spot for 2014

The first week of January is always a busy time of year in the travel industry, but if the last 6-days are anything to go by, it seems Tanzania is THE holiday destination for 2014!

Home of Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and the exotic island of spice Zanzibar, Tanzania has much to offer international travellers, and it seems this east African gem is finally going to get its fair share of the limelight.

The wonderful thing about Tanzania is that it is so diverse, you can climb Africa’s highest mountain one week, watch the Great Migration the next, and top it all off with a few days on the pure white beaches of Zanzibar – a short hop from Kilimanjaro on a direct flight.

Visa’s are required for Tanzania, but it is a quick and relatively painless process, and as many international airlines now include Kilimanjaro in their flight plan, your trip to the land of soaring mountains, sunshine and safari’s is easier to book than ever before.

If Tanzania has been on your Bucket List for a while, make sure you visit in 2014, as one of Africa’s best-kept secrets is about to be revealed to the world!

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