Are You Ready for ‘Sunshine Saturday’?

If you are thinking about booking your 2014 holiday but are waiting for a bargain, you will be pleased to know that this Saturday 11th January, is ‘Sunshine Saturday’ and over one million British travellers are expected to go online and search for the best 2014 holiday deals.

2014 holidays

Why, well according to a certain British Newspaper, many of us are experiencing ‘post-Christmas winter blues’, and it seems the only way to cheer ourselves up, is to book our spring, summer or autumn holiday to somewhere warm and exotic!

If you still prefer the ‘old-fashioned’ route of booking your annual holiday with your high street travel agent, then you might want to avoid 2pm, as this is expected to be the busiest time of the day on Sunshine Saturday.

Internet savvy travellers who use online travel agents and tour operators, are expected to peak at 8:45pm on Saturday evening, so if your idea of the perfect Saturday night includes your pyjamas, a bottle of Rosé and a box of leftover Christmas chocolates, grab your laptop, make yourself comfy and indulge your travel senses along with your taste buds!

European beach destinations and adventure holidays on far-flung shores are set to be the most popular on Sunshine Saturday, so make sure you book your holiday, before all the best ones are gone!


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