Niche Travel – Tailor Made Especially for You

One of the most resilient and fastest growing travel sectors, Niche Travel is all about creating the perfect holiday – tailor made to suit your interests, your travel dates, and your budget.

Ann enjoy a small group escorted tour in south africa

Until recently, Niche Travel was only available to high-end travellers with deep pockets, but today, tailor-made or specialised travel is available to everyone, and all you need is a specialist travel agent or tour operator with experience in the areas you want to visit, who can pull together all the pieces into one perfectly organised holiday.

When it comes to ‘niche travel’ there are no rules, no brochures, and no fixed departures. You could be looking for a Connoisseur Tour of Argentinean wines, a Yoga and Surfing Holiday in the South Pacific, a Golfing Holiday in South Africa, or a Charity Trekking Tour in Nepal, the beauty of this type of trip is that you are in charge, and you can therefore turn your dream holiday into a reality.

If you like the idea of creating your own travel itinerary, but do not like the idea of travelling alone, you will be pleased to know that many specialist travel agents offer small group tours for like-minded travellers who want an authentic travel experience.

While you may have to be a little more flexible on your travel dates, these bespoke tours are perfect for independent travellers who want to visit some of the world’s most enchanting destinations, and it is a great way to meet people with the same interests.

Ultimately, niche holidays are all about you and your travel requirements, so why settle for anything less!


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