Naturist Holidays – Do You Dare to Bare?

Do you struggle to ‘pack light’? Do you pay more for excess baggage than you do for your holidays?  If so, the latest travel trend could be exactly what you are looking for, although it’s not for everyone!

Naturist (or nudist) Holidays are now more popular than ever before, and if you have already ticked Adventure Holidays, Glamping, Cycling Holidays, Yoga Retreats, and just about every other travel trend going off your bucket list, this could be something new to try in 2014!

There are Naturist Resorts all over the world, and while the beaches of the British Isles might be a tad too chilly for bathing ‘sans culottes’, there are plenty of Naturist Holiday Resorts in the Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa where you can enjoy an all-inclusive carefree (and clothes free!) break in the sun.

While many naturist resorts are for couples only and have a ‘clothing optional’ policy, others, especially those in the Caribbean, can be pretty wild, so you might need to shop around to get exactly what you are looking for! Here are a few resorts that have received votes for “The Best Naturist Resorts in the World”…

Sunland Holiday Village, South Australia

Described as “Australia’s only beachfront naturist resort”, Sunland Holiday Village strictly follows the naturist lifestyle so that you can blend with nature and spend your days sunbathing, playing ‘naturist tennis’ or hiking along the dunes.

Recanto Paraiso, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you fancy heading to Brazil after the world cup, head on over to Recanto Paraiso, a naturist resort sitting approximately 90km from Rio de Janeiro.  Surrounded by lush mountains and clear blue skies, the resort “acts as a haven from urban annoyances through a sense of unity and respect”.

Club Orient, St Martin, Caribbean

If you are looking for something for the whole family, head on over to the Club Orient Resort in St Martin in the Caribbean, which describes itself as “A French Caribbean family-friendly clothing-optional beach resort!”.

So there you have it, the solution to your packing problems, just don’t forget your toothbrush!


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