The Ultimate Luxury Holiday – For Dogs


Since the introduction of Pet Passports, our beloved pooches can travel with us to just about any holiday destination in the world, but if you really want to treat your pet dog to the “ultimate luxury holiday”, you are going to have to dig deep – £47,000 deep!

Travelling with Pets

Recently announced by ‘all things luxury’ website and the dog holiday company Paw Seasons, the Ultimate Luxury Holiday for Dogs comes in at a whopping £47,000 per dog, and if you think you get to tag along, you’re wrong!

Owners are not permitted on the holiday (in Bristol), but they are kept up-to-date with regular Facebook and YouTube postings, and as the package includes a bespoke doghouse replicating your home, you don’t have to worry about Fido getting distressed or homesick when you head off on a round the world adventure.

So what else is included in the forty-seven grand price tag?  Well, your pampered pooch can expect walks along the local beach with a Commonwealth world champion (including ice cream), grooming at Harrods pet spa, a private suite for viewing movies such as 101 Dalmatians and Lassie complete with dog-friendly popcorn, and surfing lessons!

Other ‘perks’ include a private chef – perfect for fussy eaters, Reiki sessions, a luxury wardrobe including a Louis Vuitton collar, a Bottega Veneta Lead and a Mulberry Rain-Mac, and a solid bronze mascot of the dog along with a portrait by artist Jo Chambers.

The Ultimate Luxury Holiday for Dogs also includes a £8,400 donation to Battersea Dogs Home and Cancer Research, which is supposed to make us feel good, but when you consider that it’s not even 20%, it doesn’t seem overly generous…

So there you have it, if you want to spoil your pet dog this summer, the ultimate luxury holiday is available to book, but if you think the price is a bit steep, contact Equatours, we’ll do it for a mere £10,000 – and we’ll even take your dog on a South African Safari!





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