Alptag in Bregenzerwald – A Truly Authentic Austrian Experience!

Austria’s world-famous ‘Alptag’ is a ceremonial event when the farmers of Bregenzerwald in the Austrian Alps drive their cattle down from the alpine pastures that they have been enjoying all summer to the valleys below.

A truly special occasion that was entered on the UNESCO list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage”  in 2011, Alptag sees the end of a very important three-stage alpine farming system, which ensures the region of Bregenzerwald produces the some of the finest milk, cheese, dairy products and cattle in Austria, and indeed Europe.

As Alptag just happens to take place in our hometown of Schwarzenberg, we are always lucky enough to witness and hear the sound of some 1,000 cows coming home, and as many are beautifully decorated with huge cowbells and stunning wild flower headdresses, it is truly a spectacular sight.

Here’s what Alptag Schwarzenberg 2014 looked like:

Holidays to Austria img_3983 img_4019 img_4004 img_3986 img_4017 img_4023 img_4029 img_4045



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