Friday’s Photo Session – Africa’s Big 5

There is nothing quite like seeing wild animals thriving in their natural habitat, and if you dream of seeing Africa’s Big 5 – that’s Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo and Leopard, now is the time to book that dream safari holiday to South Africa, Namibia, or Tanzania.

All of the afore mentioned countries are Ebola free, and offer spectacular wild animal sightings, as you will see from our photo’s below…

img_3542 img_1156 img_1739 img_1566 img_1600 img_3555 African Safari Holidays img_1700 img_1731 img_3527 img_1702 img_3533 img_1758 img_1710 img_1734 img_3525 img_1763 img_3526



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