November Hot Spots – Grab some Sunshine before Christmas!

When you live in the northern hemisphere, November means one thing, and that is that winter is here, and it is here to stay until next March!  Not that I mind winter, it’s actually quite pretty, but I would much rather be heading into spring like our friends below the equator in sunny Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro!

Hottest places for November HolidayIf, like me, you would like to get some sunshine on your bones before the madness and mayhem of Christmas, November is your last chance to get away, so why not book a last-minute break to one of these hot spots and grab some sunshine while you can!

November Hot Spots – Short Haul Destinations from Europe

While mainland Spain, Portugal and Greece are starting to cool down, you can still enjoy temperatures of 30 degrees and more in the Canary Islands, so why not take a short-haul winter break to Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura.  If you are looking for action and nightlife, Tenerife is a good choice, but if you just want sun and glorious sandy beaches, Fuerteventura will tick all the right boxes.

November Hot Spots – Medium Haul Destinations

If you fancy something a little more exotic, head on down to Cape Verde or the Gambia this November, and enjoy a little bit of African sunshine.  Western Africa is not the most popular holiday destination at the moment, but both countries are Ebola free, and you could grab yourself a real bargain…

November Hot Spots – Long Haul Destinations

There is no better time of year for a long-haul holiday, so why not head below the equator this November to South Africa, Namibia, Argentina or New Zealand’s South Island.  Spring has arrived, summer is just around the corner and with Cape Town already reporting 38 degrees, you are pretty much guaranteed sunshine in the southern hemisphere.



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