What Methods do you use to get your Preferred Seat on the Plane?

Air travel is fun and exciting; especially if you are heading off on that long-haul holiday that you have been dreaming about since last spring, but when it comes to securing your favourite seat on the plane, do you use ‘traditional’ methods or ‘unconventional’ methods?

According to a recent survey by KAYAK, British Travellers will resort to a variety of different tricks and tactics to secure the seat they want on the plane, which include feigning illness, flirting with crew members and ground staff, and using their height as a reason to get a ‘better’ seat.

The more ‘refined’ travellers amongst us prefer traditional methods of securing our favourite seat, which include paying to select a seat at the time of booking our flight ticket, checking in online the moment check-in opens, and arriving at the airport early to queue at the check-in desk.

However, it seems to majority of us prefer unconventional methods, such as flirting with other passengers to get them to change seats with us, pretending to be in business class so we can get on the plane before anyone else, and using children as an excuse to get what we think are the best seats on the plane.

When it comes to the best seats on an plane, well, 60% of us believe the extra leg room is important, 37% of us want window seats, 16% of us want aisle seats, 13% of us want to be as far away from the bathrooms as possible, and 14% want to make sure we are first in line for food and drinks.

Surprisingly, just 11% of us want an emergency exit seat – although, I suppose that does come with some responsibility!

What are your ‘methods’ for getting the best seat on the plane? Let us know!


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  1. Sarah M says:

    One thing I really hate is when you travel on your own so people assume you don’t care where you sit and don’t mind moving to an awful middle seat, so that they can sit together. I used to do it but now I’ll say ‘no, you should have got to the airport on time, like I did’.

    1. Equatours says:

      Haha! You tell em Sarah! 😉

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