24-Hours in Prague – Czech this Out!

Europe is famous for its beautiful cities, and rightly so (just think Paris, Venice and Barcelona!), but after our recent short trip to the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague, I think I have found my new favourite!

Beautiful, clean, and bursting with breathtaking castles, churches and baroque statues, Prague certainly tops my list when it comes to architecture, and when you combine that with great restaurants and the best beer in Europe – well, what more could anyone ask for!

We stayed in the Old Town, in the actual building where Prague’s surrealist author Franz Kafka once had his office, and as he once wrote, “Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws.”

Here’s what our 24-hours in Prague looked like:

img_4113 img_4098 img_4102 img_4101 img_4106 Weekend breaks to Prague img_4077 img_4108 img_0011 img_0003 img_0048 img_4107 img_0038 img_0051 img_0028


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