Top Travel Trends for 2015 Revealed at the World Travel Market

It was all go at the World Travel Market in London last week, and if you want to Travel on Trend in 2015, you can expect to stay in ‘Poshtels’, dine with locals right in their home, and ditch you golf clubs in favour of your bike!

Cycling Holidays Cape Town

Our travel habits have definitely changed over the years, and if the World Travel Market report is anything to go by, it looks as though package holidays are out, and experiential travel is most definitely in!

While luxury hotels and accommodations remain right on trend throughout 2015, the international travel market is set to cater for every budget with a new collection of ‘Poshtels’, which are basically budget hostels with lots of mod cons such as private en-suites, breakfast and free WiFi. Expected to be popular with younger travellers and single holidaymakers, Poshtels (Posh Hostels) could see an end to outdated backpackers…

Wearable technology such as Google glasses and Smartwatches are set to have a huge impact on the travel sector next year, with more of us booking our travel arrangements via a mobile device than ever before.  Tech savvy travellers will also be using their Smartwatches to check-in online, download their boarding passes, and read destination reviews and weather reports.

The third ‘major’ travel trend for 2015 is authentic experiential travel, whereby we will visit people in their own homes for some traditional homemade food or cooking lessons.  Travellers who visit far-flung countries in 2015 will want to see more than just the local tourist attractions, they will want to integrate with the locals and see the ‘real’ country.

Another Top Travel Trend for 2015 is cycling holidays, which are overtaking golfing breaks and other sporting holidays at an amazing rate.  Middle-aged men are set to swap their golfing holidays for cycling breaks in 2015, so we could be a fitter nation by 2016!

Last, but by no means least, Africa is set to become the surfing capital of the world in 2015, so if you are looking to ride some waves next year – you know where to go!







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