Geek Chic – Will you be using the Top Travel Gadgets in 2015?

An estimated 80% of us now book our holidays and overseas travel via our tablet, laptop or mobile phone, and with the majority of good travel agents moving online, we can now book just about any type of holiday from the comfort of our own home, the office, or even, the bathtub!

Technology is taking over the world, and if you intend to be one of the hippest travellers in town in 2015, it is time to invest in the very latest travel gadgets to ensure you are geek chic and right on trend when you arrive at your next bucket list destination.

Google Glass

If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to get a pair of Google Glass(es) before they went ‘off-sale’ on 19th January, you are one of few to have the number #1 travel gadget for 2015. Designed to help you take photos, stream videos, keep track of your reservations, and even translate road signs in foreign lands, the Google Glass is the ultimate in travel technology, but sadly, Google are working on a new project, and until it is revealed, no more Google Glass will go on sale…

Apple Watch

It may not be set for release until April 2015, but the Apple Watch (not iWatch), is set to become Apple’s biggest seller yet, with an estimated 5 million units expected to sell in the first quarter.  How much an Apple Watch will cost, nobody knows, but the Apple Watch Gold Edition is set to cost in the region of $5,000 USD (according to Forbes), so you are going to have to dig deep for this top travel gadget. But once you have it, you can check your flight itineraries, pull up boarding cards, and email the hotel with your special requests – so it’s a must for all trendy travellers!

Hush Smart Earplugs

Whether you are travelling in first class or cattle class, there is always someone next to you who snores, but with the Hush Smart Earplugs, you can drown out those annoying snorts and snuffles, without missing out on important announcements or incoming telephone calls. Described as “The world’s first Smart Earplugs” Hush Earplugs are the perfect travelling companion for long-haul travellers.



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