Pet Sit Your Way Around the World – Now that’s my kind of Holiday


If you adore pets and love to travel, why not combine both with the latest Pet Sitting Travel Trend, and make your way around the world in style, stopping in multi-million dollar homes and visiting some of the world’s most exotic destinations with

Describing their idea as a “win/win for pet lovers that travel”, Trusted House Sitters connect home and pet owners with trustworthy people who are willing to pet sit, house sit or plant sit in return for a complimentary stay in the owner’s home.

Pet Sitting Holidays

With thousands of different opportunities available in the UK, Australia, America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa (but to name a few!), you can pet sit your way around the world for nothing more than the cost of your flight ticket and buckets full of love for the treasured pets that you will be looking after.

One lucky couple from the UK have already stayed in Las Vegas, Costa Rica, St Kitts and Nevis, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and they are currently living the house-sitting dream in a £5million home in the Caribbean.

Trusted House Sitters do charge a small monthly fee for the privilege or being listed on their website as a reliable sitter, but the travel possibilities are endless!  As someone who travels frequently, I am unable to have a pet of my own, so this sounds like the perfect solution to me!  I get to stay for free in luxury accommodations around the world, and I get a dog, cat, Goldfish or pony to call my own… for a week or two anyway!

If any of you have already signed up with trusted house sitters, please get in touch and let us know if you have travelled far and wide with this pet sitter program!






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