South African Grand Prix: F1 to hit Cape Town as early as 2016

Often referred to as the African Riviera, the cosmopolitan hub of Cape Town is the perfect place to host a global sporting event, and if the latest F1 gossip is anything to go by, South Africa’s Mother City could be hosting its very own Grand Prix as soon as 2016.

Formula One South AfricaChief executive of the Formula 1 Group, Bernie Ecclestone, has confirmed that he would like Cape Town to part of the F1 World Championship schedule, and if everything goes to plan, the F1 teams could be making their way to South Africa as early as next year.

Mr. Ecclestone said, “I’ve been looking to going back to South Africa for a long time, and now we have a good chance. They’re getting on with it.”  He continued, “We’re hoping to be back in 2016, but we will have a look and see. We’ll see how we get on.”

Cape Town underwent a huge makeover in 2010 for the FIFA World Cup, and with a brand new stadium, an improved road infrastructure, and an abundance of hotel accommodations to suit every budget (even Billionaire Ecclestone’s!), the city is more than ready to host a prestigious event such as the Formula One – but the Green Point Sport Precinct venue is yet to be approved.

An event such as the F1 Grand Prix could boost tourism to the country, which in turn will improve the local economy, provide much-needed jobs, and show the world just how far South Africa has come in recent years – but protests are expected from local residents, who are concerned about noise pollution and the financial pressure it will place on the country.

However, Cape Town already hosts the Cape Town Cycle Tour: the World’s Largest Timed Cycle Race and the Two Ocean’s Marathon: the World’s Most Beautiful Marathon, so there is plenty of room for a new title – the World’s Most Expensive Grand Prix – Cape Town 2016!


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  1. aj vosse says:

    World’s most expensive GP… sounds about right!! I can just imagine how many Kruger Rands are changing hands behind backs!! It should be a fun event. Let’s hope that for every litre fuel burned a life will be blessed!!

    1. Equatours says:

      We can only hope so AJ Vosse! 🙂

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