African Water Buffalo – Who You Calling Ugly!

They’re grumpy, they’re pretty ugly, and they are one of the most dangerous animals you can encounter on your African safari, but there is something lovable about the African Water Buffalo, and when you are surrounded by some 200 of them in the middle of the Zimbabwean bush, you learn to appreciate just how magnificent they are.

During our recent safari in Hwange National Park, we came across a huge herd of African Buffalo making their way to the local watering hole, and while they have a reputation for being dangerous (they kill more hunters in Africa than any other animal – good for you buffalo!), they were neither intimidating or aggressive towards us!

Here’s a few images from our trip…

Safari Holidays Zimbabwe IMG_6121 IMG_6135 IMG_6138 IMG_6141 IMG_6230 IMG_6242 IMG_6245 IMG_6255 IMG_6260 IMG_6262 IMG_6271 IMG_6272


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