K9 from around the World: Same Wag, Different Country

No matter where we go in the world, we always manage to find at least one stray dog that captures our hearts, and while we (sadly) cannot bring them all home with us, we always try to give them at least one good meal, basic medical care if necessary, and most of all, plenty of TLC, something these poor creatures rarely experience.

We have fostered dogs in Greece, re-homed dogs from Spain, and took our own pampered pooch all over the globe with us, no matter how difficult the paperwork turned out to be, and here are just a few of the gorgeous guys and gals we met on our round the world adventures…

Thirsty French guyThirsty French Guy…

Somewhere in Thailand Somewhere in Thailand – Rice for 2 please!

Sicilian Guard Dog!Sicilian Guard Dog!

Reception Security in WindhoekSecurity in Windhoek, Namibia

Merlot from South AfricaMerlot from a South African Wine Estate (fabulous name!)

Leica from Austria

Leica from Austria… The hills are alive…!

Laid Back life in Koh Samui Laid back life in Koh Samui – he didn’t even realise his change cup had fallen over!

In ArgentinaLooking for love in Argentina

Having a nice life in Santa Marta - Colombia Chilling in Santa Marta, Colombia (after a tasty chicken dinner!)

Harbour Security in Farfalla - ItalyHarbour Security in Farfalla, Italy

Guards in Gran Canaria Guards in Gran Canaria, Spain

First Aid in Argentina First Aid in Argentina

Domino from South Africa Domino – Taking Charge in Dawsons South Africa

Chico from Mexico Chico from Mexico – Si Senor!

Chiara in the Caribbean Miss Chiara – Enjoying Beach Life in the Caribbean

Bruno from Crete Beautiful Bruno from Crete

Bella from Brazil

Bella from Brazil


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