Anyone for a Mediterranean Cruise?

They say you either love or hate cruising, and as we definitely fall into former category, we jumped at the chance to sail the Mediterranean when we found a bargain cruise offer earlier this summer.  In recent years, we have cruised all over the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, and Baja California down to Acapulco, so it was nice to stay closer to home this time.

Our cruise started in Savona, Italy, and visited Marseille, Barcelona, Malta, Sardinia and Rome during our 7-day sailing, here’s what it looked like…

Luxury sailing holidays IMG_6484 IMG_6496 IMG_6501 IMG_6507 IMG_6515 IMG_6525 IMG_6562 IMG_6578 IMG_6603 IMG_6720 IMG_6735 IMG_6788 IMG_6795 IMG_6812 IMG_6826 IMG_6844


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