Hello IAMRUNBOX® – Goodbye Wrinkled Clothes!

As a busy Travel Writer and Adventure Tour Guide, I am constantly on the lookout for new sports and travel gadgets that will make my life that little bit easier, and after discovering the IAMRUNBOX® Sports and Travel Garment Carrier at the latest FitPro Live Exhibition in London, I feel I have finally found the perfect accessory for my hectic lifestyle.

Sports and Travel Garment Carrier

I travel constantly, and when I’m not escorting a group up Mount Kilimanjaro or taking a team of cyclists to an international sporting event, I am running to work, cycling to my next business meeting, or travelling to some far-flung holiday hotspot to write destination reviews, and so having the right luggage and travel accessories make a huge difference to my day.

The IAMRUNBOX® Sports and Travel Garment Carrier feels like it was designed for people like me.  It is cleverly structured to hold 2 or 3 items of clothing and keep them wrinkle free as you run commute, cycle to work, or head off on a short business trip where you need a change of clothes and your laptop – but not much else.

IAMRUNBOX® – The Design

The first thing that attracted me to IAMRUNBOX® was its lightweight design (it weighs just 425g), the modern styling, and its useful carry handle, which means you can use it on its own, or place it inside your backpack or carry-on luggage.  Finished in classic black with stylish orange detailing, it has a durable zip that allows you to open it out flat, and it comes with a useful ‘folding assistant’ card that shows you how to fold your clothes for the best results.

On the inside, the IAMRUNBOX® garment carrier is lined with luxuriously soft fabric and equipped with pocket that is ideal for underwear and accessories such as belts, jewellery, and even a pair of flat pumps (if you have small feet like me!).  It also comes with a mesh cover bag, which I particularly like to use to protect the outer shell when I’m not using it.

Best Run Commute Gadgets 2015

IAMRUNBOX® – Size Matters

This innovative travel gadget measures just H380mm x W265mm x D80mm, and so on first glance, you may think that it is too small to hold an outfit – but it is actually really spacious inside. My husband can get a pair of trousers, a shirt, a tie, a belt and a pair of cufflinks inside without a problem – but folding is key if you are to keep your clothes wrinkle free (use aforementioned folding assistant card!).

As a standard UK size 8, I can fit a complete outfit into my IAMRUNBOX® (except heeled shoes), and have carried a variety of different combinations such as a lightweight suit and shirt, a dress and cardigan, and 2 pairs of trousers and 2 t-shirts on a casual trip.

More than just a Garment Carrier

While it is originally designed for transporting clothes and keeping them wrinkle free, IAMRUNBOX® is an extremely useful piece of luggage that you can use for a variety of different items.  You can easily fit an iPad or smaller notebook inside, an A4 writing pad, your diary or journal, your Kindle, and all the cables you need to stay connected, so it is perfect for out-of-office business meetings, trade shows, and conventions where you might need something larger than your handbag, but smaller than a briefcase to carry your essentials.

In my Humble Opinion…

Small enough to fit in your standard 20ltr rucksack but large enough to hold an outfit, the IAMRUNBOX® sports and travel garment carrier is a great accessory for anyone who is trying to incorporate exercise into a busy lifestyle.

With a retail price of just £25.00 (GBP), it offers great value for money, and as you can use it for so many different things, it’s a great travel gadget to have in your wardrobe.










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