Are These the 7 Secret Ingredients for the Perfect Family Holiday?

We all have different ideas when it comes to the perfect holiday, but if you are looking for a stress free family vacation in 2015, it seems there is more to it than simply choosing a destination and finding the right hotel.

Tailor made family holidays

Overall cost, family time and weather expectations play and important role in the success of our holidays, and after carrying out a study on 2,000 British families, online ticket company FloridaTix and UK psychologist Dr. David Holmes devised a formula to help us create a stress-free family break.

Made up of 7 key factors, this scientific formula is designed to help us find the perfect balance of family time and solo time, so that we can plan holidays of a lifetime that every member of the family will remember for years to come.

So just in case you haven’t figured out how to organise your dream holiday yet, here are the 7 magic ingredients you should be considering (apparently) when planning the perfect family trip…

  1. Lifetime Experience Factor: Will you be doing something the whole family will love?
  2. Quality Family Interaction: How much time each day will you be spending as a family?
  3. Quality Activities: Will your chosen activities engage the whole family?
  4. Quality of Accommodation: What type of accommodation do you expect?
  5. Expected Weather: What kind of weather are you hoping for?
  6. Your “Screen Freedom”: Are you going to let technology dominate your holiday?
  7. Overall Cost: How much are you willing to spend for the perfect holiday?

What’s your secret to the perfect holiday? Drop us a line and let us know!




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