World Lion Day 2015 – A Global Campaign to Celebrate and Protect Lions

Today, Monday 10th August 2015, is World Lion Day, and if you have been upset, outraged or simply stupefied by the recent slaying of Cecil – Zimbabwe’s most famous lion, you are invited to join in this global movement.

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The very first campaign designed to “celebrate the importance of the lion worldwide”, World Lion Day provides us with the perfect opportunity to raise awareness, show our support for those organisations committed to the survival of these iconic creatures, and let the minority know that poaching and trophy hunting will no longer be accepted by the animal loving public who find their actions abhorrent.

With just 30,000 lions left in the wild, the future of the African Lion is hanging in the balance, but we can all do our bit by sponsoring one of the organisations listed on the World Lion Day website, which include:

The National Geographic Big Cats Initiative:

Panthera Project Leonardo:

Mara Naboisho Lion Project:

African Parks:

Desert Lion Conservation Project:

Walking For Lions:

International Fund for Animal Welfare:

To commemorate World Lion Day, many of the world’s leading wildlife photographers have released their favourite images, we love those shared by Mashable, take a peek on our Facebook Page.


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