Travelling with Pets: Are Airlines and Hotels becoming Pet Friendly?

Travelling with pets can be stressful, especially if your beloved pooch is considered too big to travel with you in the aircraft cabin or to ‘doggy’ to stay in your hotel room, but if a recent article in Travel & Leisure is anything to go by, it seems some airlines are starting to become a bit more pet friendly.

Pet Friendly Airlines and HotelsAmerican Airlines, one of America’s largest passenger airlines, has designed a brand new First Class Pet Cabin for passengers who want to travel the world with their discerning pets.  Available to those flying from Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York (in First Class, of course!), the aptly named ‘Cuddle Class’ includes preferred seating for your four-legged friend, right next to your own luxury seat.

Designed to free up leg room and give First Class travellers more space, Cuddle Class costs just $125 per pet (American Airlines regular carry-on pet fee), and must be reserved when you book your flight ticket to ensure your pampered pooch gets access to their own special compartment.

Unfortunately for big dog lovers, there are still size restrictions in place, and your furry friend must be able to fit in a standard 19” by 13” pet carrier, or Fido will have to go in the hold – and we’re not sure if there are any first class privileges down there!

A spokesman for American Airlines told Travel & Leisure, “We designed the special First Class pet cabins to make it easier for customers to travel with their jet-setting pets. It’s a unique feature, and it’s becoming popular with trendsetters.”

When it comes to Pet Friendly Hotels, the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas is the Number #1 for posh pooches, and for a mere $50 per night, your dog can expect a ‘potty patch’ of artificial grass, chew toys, a water bowl, access to a dog run near Bamboo Pool, and dog-friendly dishes by room service.  This is available for dogs up to 25 lbs, providing they have all the necessary vaccinations, but you cannot take them into the casino, so there will be no doubles at Blackjack…

As someone who has travelled 3 continents with my beloved pet dog in the hold (more painful for me than her), I think this is fabulous news – I just hope other airlines extend ‘Cuddle Class’ to Economy and Premium Economy Cabins, so that everyone can travel with their pets!





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