Hands Up If You Are a Naughty Traveller!

The thought of 2 weeks away is enough to bring out the devil in most of us, but if the latest traveller behaviour study and infographic by Hipmunk is anything to go by, it seems some of us behave very badly indeed when heading off on our much-anticipated holiday abroad!

Stealing from the breakfast buffet, skinny dipping in hotel pool, taking illegal drugs, and lying to hotel staff to get an upgrade are listed as some of the naughtiest things that travellers get up to while on holiday, but many of us start before we even arrive in our chosen destination, with mischief in the air!

Of the 1,000 anonymous travellers polled, 6% confessed that they sneak onto the plane before their group has been called, 54% recline their seats, and a further 18% admitted that they did get out of the seats when the seatbelt sign was on.

The bad behaviour continues in resort, with 10% of travellers lying to get a room upgrade, 29% raiding the housekeeper’s trolley for free toiletries, and a whopping 60% stealing from the breakfast buffet!

12% of those surveyed admitted to stealing a bathrobe or towel from their hotel room, a further 37% said that they had snuck unregistered guests into their room for the night, and 17% slipped into hotels they were not staying in to use the pool and facilities.

Naughty Traveler Hipmunk

Infographic courtesy of: blog.hipmunk.com/when-good-travelers-go-bad-the-naughty-traveler/ 

What is the naughtiest thing you have done on holiday?  Come on, let us know!





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