Friday’s Photoshoot: Road Tripping Namibia

It is impossible to sum up Namibia in just a few words, it is one of Africa’s most stunning countries after all, but if you are looking for a unique road tripping adventure in 2016, this sparsely populated gem should be right up there on the top of your bucket list.

A land of ever-changing landscapes, natural wonders, awe-inspiring scenery, an abundance of desert-adapted wildlife, skeleton coastlines, and the most unique flora and fauna you can ever expect to see, Namibia in the Narnia of south-western Africa, and once you have visited, you will, like us, be counting the days until you return…

Tailor Made Holidays Namibia IMG_3078 IMG_3132 IMG_3083 IMG_3138 IMG_3087 IMG_3158 IMG_3109 IMG_3117 IMG_3164 IMG_3200 IMG_3211 IMG_3377 IMG_3382 IMG_3461 IMG_3469 IMG_3472


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Omg i love your photos!!!

    1. Equatours says:

      Thank you ‘thelittlewandereph’! Glad you like them 🙂

  2. Beachbums1 says:

    Lovely photos. Namibia has been at the top of my travel wish list for a few years. Soon I hope…

    1. Equatours says:

      Thank you Beachbums! Namibia is truly amazing – we hope you get there soon! 🙂

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