Friday’s Photoshoot: The Lions of the Serengeti

Constantly voted as one of the best places in the world to see Lions, the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania really do offer visitors the Formula #1 of safaris, with endless wildlife, endless scenery, and of course, the endless plains that gave Africa’s most spectacular National Park its name.

During our recent safari holiday to the Serengeti, we were astounded by the sheer volume of wildlife that surrounded us, and were delighted when we came across our first pride of lion’s just moments after passing through the park gates.

Home to an estimated 2 million wildebeest, 900,000 gazelles, 70,000 buffalos, and over 300,000 zebra, the Serengeti provides more than enough food for the estimated 4,000 lions that call this National Park home, and we got to see quite a few of them during our 4-day adventure…

Serengeti Safari Honeymoon IMG_8016 IMG_8311 IMG_7896 IMG_7879 IMG_8039 IMG_7881 IMG_8092 IMG_7907 IMG_8003 IMG_8034 IMG_8081 IMG_8107 IMG_8326



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