Worlds Riskiest and Safest Travel Destinations for 2016

Britons are some of the world’s most adventurous travellers, with more than 80% of us venturing overseas, but when it comes to travelling the world, it seems we are not quite as concerned as we should be when it comes to potential dangers such as crime and natural disasters.

According to recent research carried out by International SOS, a medical services company, people from South America, the United States and the Far East are significantly more fearful about travelling than Europeans, and as such, they spend far more time researching their destination and the culture and practices of the local people than us intrepid Brits!

To help us make smarter choices in 2016, International SOS have created a colour-coded world map highlighting those destinations we should be visiting, and those we should not, and while there are plenty of high risk countries that we should avoid next year, there are plenty more where we can travel with confidence.

Image Courtesy of International SOS (

Green Countries:  Insignificant risk

With low crime rates, no civil unrest, and a sound infrastructure, the countries highlighted in Green on the above map are your safest bets for 2016.

Yellow Countries: Low risk 

Those countries marked in yellow pose a very low risk to international travellers, with low crime rates, good security and emergency services, and minimal terrorism threats.

Orange Countries: Medium risk

Countries that experience periodic political unrest, sporadic acts of terror, and moderate crime levels are considered ‘medium risk’ for travellers, but when you consider that Bolivia, Tanzania, and Madagascar made it onto this list, it seems a tad extreme!

Red: High risk

If the country you plan on visiting in 2016 is marked in red on the above map, you might want to give it a miss.  With violent crimes, significant terrorism threats, and racial violence towards foreigners, these destinations are not exactly what you would call holiday hot spots!

Dark Red: Extreme risk

Many of the countries highlighted in dark red are inaccessible to foreign travellers, and rightly so! Although I don’t think any of us will be rushing to book at holiday in Libya or Afghanistan!



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  1. thanks for the tips. i thought turkey would be worse

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