Holidays That Are Out of This World… Quite Literally!

If you think the future of travel includes exotic destinations and unique experiences, think again! In the next 100 years, our holidays are going to take us further than we ever imagined, and if we don’t fancy staying in an underwater hotel (there will be plenty of them by then, apparently), we can take our own homes with us with the help of a giant drone!

In a new report commissioned by Samsung called the SmartThings Future Living Report, urbanists, architects, and academics have conjured up an image of what our lives might look like in 100 years, and the results are pretty spectacular!

Samsung SmartThings Future Living Report

Image Courtesy of the  Samsung SmartThings Future Living Report

With no room left to build houses, we will all be living in giant earth-scrapers burrowed up to 25 storeys underground, or perhaps in one of the many underwater cities that will be created within a giant bubble of oxygen, and everything will be 3D printed, from our houses, to our furniture, and even the food we eat.

Our annual two week break on the Costa Del Sol will be replaced with trips to the Moon, or perhaps Mars, where we will stay in Space Colonies and Orbit Space Hotels, which will be easily accessible on commercial flights.

If we decide to holiday on this planet, but cannot bear to leave our 3D printed homes when we jet off to the Pacific Ocean or the Serengeti Plains, well, we can just take it with us! ‘Drone Mules’ will be available to help us transport our home to the holiday destination of our choice, and moving house will no longer necessary if our job takes us overseas, or indeed, to another planet!

While I don’t expect to be around in 100 years, the future of travel does sound very exciting, but for now I’ll stick with the 196 countries we have on this planet… I’ve still got around 150 to go!






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