How Brexit Could Affect Your Holidays: What Does the Future Hold for British Travellers?

With just 80 days to go until Great Britain decides if it wants to withdraw from the European Union, now is the perfect time to book (and pay!) for you 2016, and even 2017 holidays before the proverbial hits the fan!

While no one can predict what the outcome of Brexit will be, the fact is, if the United Kingdom does decide to quit the European Union, the British Pound could significantly decrease in value, our freedom to travel across Europe could become much more restricted (remember those passport queues!), our medical E111 cards will no longer be valid, those generous European Duty Free allowances could be a thing of the past, the cost of airfares and hotels could significantly increase, and we could lose important consumer protection rights that protect us when we travel within the EU.

How Brexit Could Affect Your Holidays: What Does the Future Hold for British Travellers?

Under current European law, passengers are currently eligible for compensation if their flight departing from and arriving to a European Member state is delayed, but if the UK decides to break its ties with the EU, this regulation will no longer apply to those departing from British Airports. But it doesn’t stop there…

Mr Frank Brehany, the consumer director of Holiday TravelWatch advised that “a Brexit would also mean that the EU’s new package holiday rules, which give more rights to tourists, would not apply in Britain when they are introduced in June 2018.” These new rules could save British Travellers up to £330million a year by increasing cancellation rights in the event of war and natural disasters.

There are many valid reasons why the British public would want to leave the European Union, but if you love to travel, you might want to think twice when voting on 23rd June – the world could become a totally different place!




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