The Health Benefits of Holidays

There is nothing more exciting than booking your next trip overseas! Sun, sea, sand, sports, sightseeing, swimming, snorkelling, the possibilities are endless, and the thought of spending two weeks somewhere warm and exotic is enough to make anyone feel happy, but did you know that your annual holiday could be making you healthier too?

The Health Benefits of Holidays

Well, according to a recent study by Expedia, our holidays are packed with hidden health benefits that could lead to a boost in confidence, improved skin condition, weight loss, and even a higher sex drive!

The survey, carried out on over 31 million Brits who travelled in 2015, found that a whopping 81% of us feel better after a holiday, with 46% of us feeling more relaxed, 42% feeling happier, and 35% feeling far less stressed than before they went away.

A further 20 per cent of those questioned said that they slept better whilst on holiday, 13 per cent felt more motivated, 10 per cent saw an improvement in the overall condition of their skin, and 6 per cent admitted that they had a higher sex drive when on holiday.

Psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, who aided the study, said that the health benefits of our holidays can be attributed to a combination of factors including coming out of our daily routines, not worrying about “must-dos”, and taking a healthy amount of sunshine, which can increase the brain’s serotonin hormones to automatically boost our moods.

The survey listed 17 different holiday health benefits in total, so whatever you do this summer, don’t stay at home!!






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