Would You Take a Pay Cut for More Holidays? You’re Not the Only One!

Have you run out of holiday days this year?  Would you do anything to get another week away before Christmas arrives?  Well, you are not the only one! Many of us would give up to 10% of our gross salary to have more annual leave each year, but it seems not everyone has been infected by the travel bug…


According to recent figures released by Virgin Atlantic and Censuswide, Brits are giving up around 54 million holiday days each year, which equates to around 19 per cent of our annual leave quota, and it is mainly because we have a heavy workload or we are worried what our employers might think if we ask for leave.

But while it seems that many of us are reluctant to take our annual holiday entitlement, 56.3% of those questioned in the survey said that they were willing to give up a percentage of their salary for more days off each year, and one if five women said that they would rather give up chocolate for an entire year than sacrifice their annual holiday!

It is well documented that holidays make us feel better, and the health benefits are endless. In fact, according to the Virgin Atlantic survey, 65 per cent of us who take regular holidays feel more productive while at work, and 67 per cent of us feel more satisfied with our jobs after enjoying a week away.

There’s no doubt about it, holidays are important, so if you’ve got days that are about to expire, why not book a last-minute trip? You’ll feel better, you may even look better, and by the time you return to work you’ll be feeling refreshed and ready for whatever your boss has to throw at you!




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