Discover New Zealand on the British & Irish Lion’s Tour 2017

If you love to watch rugby, and you love to travel the world, 2017 is going to be a very special year indeed!  The British and Irish Lion’s Tour is set to take place in New Zealand from 3rd June to 8th July, and if your idea of the perfect holiday includes visiting new places while supporting your favourite team overseas, there is no better place to do it!

A country of two very different islands, New Zealand is an incredible holiday destination in its own right, with stunning landscapes, endless activities, and accommodations to suit every budget. When you combine that with, quite possibly, the friendliest people on earth, great food, and stunning New World Wines, NZ becomes a very attractive holiday hotspot for singles, couples and families alike.

While June and July are not the warmest months in New Zealand (it is winter, after all), it is still a great time of the year to visit, and if you are partial to a spot of skiing in world-class resorts, make sure you include Queenstown in your travel itinerary.  Powder is skiing is at its best during June and July, and there are slopes to suit every skill level – even beginners.

If you are thinking about booking a trip to New Zealand for the British & Irish Lions Tour 2017, here’s a list of important tour dates to help you plan…

03.06.2017 Provincial Union XV vs British & Irish Lions

07.06.2017 Blues vs British & Irish Lions

10.06.2017 Crusaders vs British & Irish Lions

13.06.2017 Highlanders vs British & Irish Lions

17.06.2017 Maori All Blacks vs British & Irish Lions

20.06.2017 Chiefs vs British & Irish Lions

24.06.2017 New Zealand vs British & Irish Lions

27.06.2017 Hurricanes vs British & Irish Lions

01.07.2017 New Zealand vs British & Irish Lions

08.07.2017 New Zealand vs British & Irish Lions


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