The World’s Cheapest Hotel Revealed: But Would You Want to Stay There?

We all love a bargain, but just how low would you be willing to go to save money on a hotel?  You could share a dorm with 20 strangers in a backpackers or hostel, or you could go ‘rustic’ with basic tented accommodations outside of the main tourist hubs, but if you really want to save money on your next trip overseas, you need to head to the Faridpur Hotel in Dhaka, were a night will set you back just 31p!

A floating hotel anchored on the banks of the Buriganga River, one of the most toxic and polluted rivers in Bangladesh, the Faridpur Hotel has been in operation for some 60 years, and despite its somewhat basic accommodations (I’ll come to that next!), it is doing a roaring trade with an average of 40 hotel guests every night.

Taking ‘no frills’ to the next level, the Faridpur Hotel has 48 rooms in total consisting of single and double private cabins, and shared rooms. When they say shared rooms, they really mean ‘shared’! There is one long mattress-less bed that you sleep on alongside everyone else, using whatever bedding you can find to make it more comfortable.

However, there are a few luxuries included in your stay at this floating hotel made up of five individual boats. Hotel guests receive purified water for washing riverside, free toilets, and small lockers in which to keep their valuables.

While floating hotels like these were very common in the 1950s when Hindu traders came to trade along the Buriganga River, there are just five left today, and so if you want to stay in the cheapest hotel in the world, you had better book your stay now… although there’s no website of course, so you’ll just need to look out for it when you arrive!



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