Friday’s Photoshoot: Why Cape Town Is the Most Beautiful City on Earth

If you have yet to visit South Africa’s cosmopolitan city of Cape Town, now is most definitely the time to do it. Having been officially titled as the Most Beautiful City on Earth, Cape Town really is everything you imagine it to be (and then some!), and once you have experienced life in this vibrant and colourful metropolis, you’ll understand why thousands international travellers return year after year.

Located at the Southern tip of Africa, Cape Town has much to offer its visitors, so much so that many people find that there simply isn’t enough time to experience everything that the city has to offer in just one or two weeks.

Known for its beautiful beaches, iconic mountain ranges, luxurious cliff-side suburbs, endless coastal highways, award-winning vineyards, seaside restaurants, and an eclectic mix of people, South Africa’s ‘Mother City’ really does have it all, and if you are thinking of taking a trip to Cape Town this winter or next spring, these photos might just give you the inspiration you need to book your holiday below the equator…

Visit Cape Town IMG_0149 Südafrika 2015 195 IMG_4311 img_0129 img_0483 img_0014 City Breaks Cape Town img_1112 img_0490 Connoisseur Tours South Africa





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