Epicurean Travel: All the Ingredients of a Perfect Holiday

If your idea of the perfect holiday combines luxury hotels, fine dining, and exceptional wines, you will be pleased to know that Epicurean Travel is one of the world’s fastest growing travel trends that has seen unprecedented growth over the past year.

A trip devoted to sensory pleasures, epicurean travel is all about learning new culinary skills, developing an understanding for both old and new world wines, luxuriating in the finest boutique accommodations, and indulging your body, mind and soul in unique and exclusive international destinations around the globe.

Epicurian Travel Lairds Lodge South Africa

From cooking classes in Southeast Asia to wine tours in South Africa and Argentina, there are endless possibilities when it comes to connoisseur travel, and if you find that beach holidays, cruising, and city breaks no longer satisfy your travel needs, this latest trend may tick all the right boxes.

Many travellers agree that one of the best ways to experience a new holiday destination is through local cuisine and traditional culinary methods that have been perfected over the years, and when you combine that with a tour around a beautiful wine estate and a great hotel, we believe that you have all the ingredients for the perfect holiday.

Europe has much to offer when it comes to epicurean travel, such as the world-class wine regions of Rioja and Ribera del Duero in Spain, cooking tours throughout Tuscany, and the ‘rustic’ Artisan farms of the Greek Islands. Pleasing the palates of discerning travellers for years, these favourites are well worth a visit and a great introduction for those new to this type of travel.

Lovers of New World Wines can escape into the beauty of South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina for a wine tour unlike any other, and those who wish to ‘spice-up’ their cooking skills, will find numerous options in Thailand, Malaysia and India.

With epicurean travel, you can wine and dine your way around the world, and that sounds like a pretty good holiday to me!



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